[box_light]Annual Giving Committee

The annual giving committee is dedicated to making sure the Cinematic Arts Academy has 100% participation from all families who are part of the academy. May grants require 100% participation of all families. Amounts as low as $5 for the year would qualify however if you can give more then please do. This can be a one time donation or a monthly recurring donation in any amount. For more information please email the committee head or complete the contact form.

  • Committee Head: Jessica Garvin


[/box_light] [box_light]Corporate Sponsorship Committee

The Corporate Sponsorship committee works on procuring corporate sponsors for the Cinematic Arts Academy events such as the Winter and Spring Film Festivals as well as field trips, trips to film festivals and overall sponsorships for the academy.

  • Committee Head: Adam Mazer
[/fancylist] [/box_light] [box_light]Enrichment Committee

The Enrichment committee works on procuring speakers for after school enrichment for all Cinematic Arts Academy students. Past speakers have included Cinematographers, Actors and Stunt Actors. This committee also helps with field trip planning.

  • Committee Head: Deborah Davis-Bonk
[/fancylist] [/box_light] [box_light]Film Festivals Committee

The Film Festivals committee works on the Winter and Spring Film Festivals showcasing the Cinematic Arts Academy student’s work. They work in tandem with several other committees including corporate sponsorship and communications.

  • Committee Heads: Lesli Kay
[/fancylist] [/box_light] [box_light]Grants Committee

The Grants committee works on procuring grants for the Cinematic Arts Academy. This committee always needs help researching grants and writing grants.

  • Committee Head: TBD




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